Team Members

Our Core Team Members

Miriam Stark

Anthropology, UHM

Jefferson Fox

East-West Center

Patricio Abinales

Asian Studies, UHM

Barbara Watson Andaya

Asian Studies, UHM

Pia Arboleda


Ashok Das

Urban & Regional Planning, UHM

Micah R. Fisher

East-West Center

Mary Mostafanezhad

Geography, UHM

Krisna Suryanata

Geography, UHM

Rohayati Paseng

UHM Library, UHM

Kirstin Pauka

Theater & Dance, UHM

Brian Szuster

Geography, UHM

Our Collaborators

Sothy Eng

Family and Consumer Sciences, UHM

Ann Hartman

East-West Center, UHM

Yao Zhang Hill

Assessment Specialist, UHM

Ehito Kimura

Political Science, UHM

Vina A. Lanzona

History, UHM

Jayson Parba

Indo-Pacific Language and Literature, UHM

Annie Reynolds

East-West Center, UHM

I Madé Widana

Theatre & Dance,

Nerissa S. Balce

Asian and Asian American Studies
State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook

Olivier Evrard

Social Science and Globalization
French Research Institute for Sustainable Development

Wiwandari Handayani

Urban and Regional Planning
Diponegoro University

Suraya Afiff

Social & Political Sciences
Universitas Indonesia (IDN)

Daya Dakasi Da-Wei Kuan

National Chengchi University

Kulapa Songpongpan Kuldilok

Agriculture and Resource Economics
Kasetsart University

I Madé Moja

Independent Artist

Wansuk Senanan

Department of Aquatic Sciences
Burapha University

Muhammad Alif K. Sahide

Forestry Faculty
Universitas Hasanuddin

I Ketut Wirtawan

Independent Artist
Honolulu, HI

Courtney Work

Department of Ethnology
National Chengchi University

Ming Li Yong

Research Program
East-West Center