UHM/EWC LuceSEA Transitions: Environment, Society, and Change

How socio-economic and political shifts are transforming Southeast Asia (SEA) societies in a time of accelerated climate and environmental change.


The rate of climate and environmental change across Southeast Asia – from its forests to its coasts and cities – has accelerated in recent decades. Adapting to these shifts reshapes national economies and daily lives. Such processes are the focus of growing interdisciplinary research and our LuceSEA Transitions program seeks to forge stronger linkages across fields to examine these transformations.
Two goals structure our Luce Foundation-supported program:  
• Building research parity in studying agrarian transitions by bringing more SEA-based colleagues into the research process.
• Making scholarly research on the region’s transitions available to broader audiences both within and beyond academia’s walls. Our program links researchers across regions, nurtures early-career colleagues, and creates new ways of understanding a very dynamic Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia in Transition: 2022 Webinar Series

This series of four webinars explores how communities in the region are experiencing the economic, social, and cultural dislocations of these transformations. We focus on forests, rivers, documentarians and writers, and Imaging Environmental Futures.

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