Current Activities

Transboundary Air Pollution and the Socio-Ecological Impact of China’s Belt-Road Initiative in the Mekong Sub-Region (2021-25)

Led by Dr. Mary Mostafanezhad, (co-PI); Dr. Olivier Evrard, (co-PI); Dr. M​ichael Kantar

Th​is project addresses three related issues associated with China’s BRI and seasonal air pollution​ to contribute to understandings of the social and ecological drivers of anthropogenic environmental change in the Mekong sub-region as a result of the linkage with BRI.

From Rural to Urban: Engaging Southeast Asian Scholars in Research on Agrarian (2020-24)

Led by Dr. Jefferson Fox, (Co-PI), Dr. Krisna Suryanata, (Co-PI); Dr. Ian Baird; Dr. Stephen Leisz

This project provides capacity-building opportunities for early-career colleagues in four Mainland Southeast Asia (MSEA) countries to work beyond funds available through the NASA grants to conduct qualitative research on how the transformation of rice production systems is affecting daily livelihoods.

Building Capacity for Community Supported Fisheries in Southeast Asia (2020-24)

Led by Dr. Brian Szuster (PI); Dr. Kulapa Kuldilok

The goal of this project is to develop a collaborative Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) training initiative with project partners focusing on developing training curriculum and building knowledge of CSF amongst a large cadre of fisheries and aquaculture professional in Southeast Asia.

Bolstering Planning Research and Education Towards Inclusive Urbanization in Indonesia (2021-25)

Led by Dr. Ashok Das (PI); ​Dr. Wiwandari Handayani; Dr. Hayden Shelby

This project uses Indonesia to unpack urban issues germane to Indonesia and SEA more generally, and seeks to create effective, inclusive and equitable practices to change the systemic culture of planning (​praxis​).

UHM/EWC Cross-Disciplinary Workshops for Building SEA Agrarian Transitions Networks

Led by Dr. Krisna Suryanata ​(Chair​)

This workshop series expands scholarship and builds capacity in Southeast Asia- based ‘safe’ academic spaces that encourage candid discussion, which our Southeast Asia colleagues say are increasingly rare, given the region’s rise in authoritarian governance.

Jaga Alam​ (Taking Care of Nature): Performance-Based Environmental Education (2021-25)

Led by Dr. Kirstin Pauka, (P​I​); Dr. Annie Reynolds, I Madé Widana

This project brings together SEA-based performing artists with UHM faculty and college students to develop new environmentally-themed performances and lecture-demonstrations for schools and local audiences in Hawaiʻi. The selected themes deal with environmental issues shared across SEA and the Pacific such as deforestation, loss of biodiversity, plastic pollution, and coastline erosion.

Pamana ng Lahi: Philippine Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Knowledge (2020-24)

Led by Dr. Pia Arboleda (PI); Dr. Nerissa S. Balce.

This project showcases Philippine oral traditions of human/nature conflicts to develop online curricular material and use it in the classroom.

UHM/EWC LuceSEA Online SEA Institute

Led by Dr. Jonathan Padwe (Chair)

Provide courses on SEA with new humanities- and social sciences-focused Open Educational Resources (OER) to offer a suite of new digital material for college-level learning about SEA for current and future undergraduate and postgraduate students, irrespective of location.

Intangible Heritage and Engaged Research at a Culture Frontier

Led by Dr. Courtney Work; Dr. Miriam Stark

This project aims to research and record tangible and intangible
heritage for some of Cambodia’s Kuy communities.