Jaga Alam


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Lutung Videos:

This video is an original puppetry play based on a traditional Balinese folk tale. The video was produced during Covid-19 quarantine with all aspects recorded separately across different states. Sound and music recordings were sent in from Oahu HI and Hawai’i HI, puppet recordings were created in San Francisco CA, and editing was compiled in York ME. 

This video was produced with all artists in residence in Oahu, HI at the East West Center Gallery. 

Gamelan Music Video:

This video provides a short introduction to Balinese Gamelan music and the instruments on which it is played.

To request access to the full video, click here.

Pedanda Baka_ The Pond Prankster Video:

wayang shadow puppetry play based on a traditional Balinese childrenʻs fable about a mischievous stork. The play deals with environmental issues such as water scarcity, rising temperatures, and habitat loss. For K-12 audiences.

Teachers Manual:

This teacher’s manual provides useful background information on Balinese music, dance, and art as well as on Wayang Kulit (shadow theatre). Inside you will find materials and classroom activities to accompany our production of Lutung the Messenger. These materials can be adapted for grades K-12.